EVE Online Republic Fleet Firetail Solo PVP


Since bullying mega-alliances solo in a t1 faction frigate is apparently my thing, I decided to keep the ball rolling by sharing the skirmishes leading up to the third flight of the Penetrator.
This is the kind of thing that makes the writers get all excited and quivery.

This here’s what they call a “pirate ship,” repurposed from a factional warfare fighting frigate. Instead of looking for 1v1 solo frigate pvp fights, pirate ships look for victims of opportunity.

Going deep into enemy territory solo is usually difficult to do in most regions, due to the residents guarding their stargates. With a handful of ships, restricting access to the systems for a single frigate is usually simple.

And for the solo frigate pilot in EVE Online, these gatecamps are brutally efficient. There’s usually a tiny window of opportunity to escape instant death.

Alone in a single frigate, I somehow managed to slip behind the stellar barricades and stab directly into the dirty, unwashed underbelly of Pandemic Horde.

And it stinks in there.

I didn’t really even do that much damage, or so I thought. A little time goes by, and I see some reactions:

Well I’ll be goddammed! I guess the whole alliance was overmatched against the big bad Hannibal wolf!

So I decided to go a little deeper and show the prequel to the Flight Of The Penetrator 3, lol, because fuck ’em!

Every kill counts!

It felt really good to kill a Rifter, and an Algos, and a Crucifier, and get away with each before Praxises, a Svipul, and an Arazu could catch me. Especially since they were all PH.



EVE Online Solo Frigate PVP | Rifter vs. Tristan 2

In Minmatar Factional Warfare, you’re going to fight a lot of Tristans. There’s a good reason for this; Tristans are excellent ships due to a number of factors. Besides the Rifter, the Tristan has a reputation as one of the most versatile eve online ships. Throughout your tour in factional warfare, you’ll learn some of the strategies it takes to determine which targets are engageable. Check out http://www.evilonline.co and you can read all about it: Tristans render some of those strategies useless. The main reason so many of them are used in factional warfare is because it’s cheap, so cheap, compared to buying projectile ammo and autocannons, for instance. Drones don’t use the same type of ammo as the manned vessels do in Eve Online, so you don’t have to worry about reloading them.

The disadvantages, of course, include that drones cost a lot more to replace than most small ammo, and typically offer lower damage at the entry level of EVE Online pvp in factional warfare low security space than the turrets. Drones can also be destroyed by enemies while in use, which results in even lower damage potential. Every strategy has an application, and a counter; a particularly robust Tristan can cause problems for the typical Republic Frigate, for instance. This constant fluctuation of tactics is a factor that contributes to the notoriously steep eve online learning curve, but enriches the experience of player versus player beyond the scope of any other space mmo. If you want the whole scoop, go to http://www.evilonline.co.

EVE Online Solo Frigate PVP | Rifter vs. Slicer

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